Artists in the New Port Art Gallery

With over 50 artists on display in our 5,000 square foot facility, the New Port Art Gallery truly does have something for everyone.

Artists in Greater Cincinnati

Most, not all, of the artists on display at the New Port Art Gallery reside in Cincinnati, Northern KY, or SE Indiana.

The owner of the gallery, Brent Keltch, has a wide network of artists from his years in the industry.  He has hand-picked the artists you see on display in the gallery.

Would you like to meet the artists?

Good news!

You can.

Each and every Saturday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM many of the artists are in the gallery.  They are ready to answer any questions you may have or simply chat about art in general.

Current List of Artists

  • Connie Berkemeier
  • Don Baumgarten
  • Tom White
  • Zijah popaja
  • Jerry Saylor
  • Ben Kaczmarek
  • Emily Rose
  • Heidi Hines
  • Collin Rowland
  • Kevin meyer
  • Yu L Huang
  • Mike Conner
  • G Feltner
  • LeAnn Briggs
  • Stuart Goller
  • Darren Goodman
  • Matt Meyung
  • Adam Lusso
  • Marjorie Graham
  • Parrish Monk
  • Jim Conroy
  • Art By Amruta
  • Bentley Davis
  • Abigail Smart
  • Tony Lipps
  • Carla Belcher
  • Chad Turner
  • Justin Keltch
  • Jamie Anton
  • Logan Walden
  • PJ Sturdevant
  • Chenglun Na
  • Sherry Steffen
  • Kevin & Karen Houtchens
  • Jens Rosenkrantz jr
  • Art by Linnoir
  • Brent Keltch
  • Caroline So
  • David Estep
  • Anisha Sanghani
  • Jen Scheper
  • Greg Jacobs
  • Kenneth Evans
  • Magno Relojo
  • Lindsey Graff
  • Rowland Augur
  • Chris McCall
  • Bill Dirkes
  • Christopher Beiting
  • Dan Creed

“I’m a Local Artist!”

 A photograph of the Cincinnati skyline taken at night with a full moon by Ryan Sciamanna.

How To Get Your Art On Display At The New Port Art Gallery

Please understand, due to the awesome response from the community there is a high demand for new artists wanting to enter the gallery.

Before the gallery even opened, there was a waiting list of new artists eager to put their art on display.

With that said, of course we want to hear from you and get you on the waiting list if you would like to join the current artists at the New Port Art Gallery.

(513) 593-7573

Cincinnati, OH

What we have to offer

We have 50 local artists on display at the New Port Art Gallery.  Everything you see on the walls and gallery floor is for sale.  If you love it, take it home with you!

Join us any day of the week!

Meet the artists! 

  • Enjoy live music
  • Talk to the artists/watch them work
  • Water, soda & snacks are on us!

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Where are we located?

329 Ludlow Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220